Get To A Holistic Dentist!

You need to look into holistic dentistry; and, reading this article is a good start. I am writing today a bit about what holistic dentists do differently than “standard” dentists, and talking a bit about my experience. If you already know what a holistic dentist is, skip the first section of this article where I explain a bit of the background.

What is holistic dentistry?

Though the practice of holistic dentistry existed before 1978, it was that year when a group of dentists began officially incorporating treatments that extended beyond the curriculum of dental school. They started the Holistic Dental Association in 1978 to standardize and refine their practice of offering the newly incorporated elements of practice.


The word “holistic” is derived from the concept of the “whole”. It’s an additive concept. What I mean by that is; the word holistic indicates that nothing is taken away from the original term, but something is added. So, for example, holistic dentists do everything that “dentists” do, but also include services and treatments above and beyond those traditional base offerings. It perhaps helps to think of it as “dentistry plus” (or, dentistry +).


Much of value has been added to dentistry!

What holistic dentists can do for you

I know firsthand what holistic dentists can do for a person. Through visits to a holistic dentist in my area, I have seen a marked improvement in my overall health. Beyond the improved status of my teeth, tongue and gums, the treatment modalities offered by my holistic dentist have had a positive impact on my complete physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.


As I said, holistic dentists treat the whole person. So, when I go in for a check-up, the procedures include a review of my diet, lifestyle and the status of other health conditions (not necessarily associated with my mouth).


I have chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs). There is no cure for it. But, the symptoms of this little understood ailment can be mediated significantly through changes in diet and lifestyle. My holistic dentist recommended a diet that actually led to weight loss and a regular routine that includes mindfulness meditation. Though I am still adjusting to my new natural diet, the increase in good fat and protein (and drastic reduction in bad carbohydrates), the prescribed changes have ameliorated the symptoms of my cfs.

Why not?

I can’t really think of a single reason someone would decide not to choose a holistic dentist. The costs are comparable, and fully covered by dental plans. Your teeth will not fall out because of work done by any reputable dentist, but the additional knowledge and services offered by holistic dentists make it great value. It also saves time!


In short, holistic dentists practice two-birds-one-stone dentistry. Mine consistently offers help in improving the whole me, and I am now hooked.


I tell you, this is one of the “health secrets” this blog describes on its home page. But it need not be a secret any longer. Try it out. You’ve got nothing to lose and much to gain.


Thanks for reading.