The mobilejones site presents the eponymous blog of Debi Jones along with her podcast interviews of movers and shakers from the mobile industry. mobilejones.com was originally launched in late 2005, but the archives have not yet been moved over to the new wordpress host. Moving the archives is underway. I began using blogging software in 2003.

Jones has worked in the web and mobile industries for over 14 years at companies like Netscape,Sendmail, Palm and Microsoft, in a variety of senior technical and marketing roles. She has also experienced the mixed bag of founding, running and selling her own company, in addition to joining the founding team of a startup or two. Recently, Jones has been working as a consultant with established firms such as Critical Path and Colt Telecom (UK), and various mobile startups, helping with strategy, marketing and business development.

Before joining the private sector, Jones spent eight years working as a Human Factors Analyst on various DoD R&D weapons and communications systems.

She attended the University of Alabama on a music scholarship and studied applied math at the University of Texas, El Paso. She earned a project management certification from Stanford University.

Recently much of her time and effort are focused on blogging, podcasting, consulting or presenting. She co-founded the Mobile Monday San Diego Chapter, was invited speaker at O’Reilly’s Emerging Telephony (Etel) Conference, and launched MoNET the first US independent web based network for mobile developers in 2001.

Contact Information

Email: mojo at this domain, that’s mobilejones etc.

Phone: +1 866 366 0559 – I do not answer calls that block or mask caller id information. Please do leave a message.