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Pardon the Dust at Mobile Jones

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Pardon the Dust at Mobile Jones

I’ve been thinking about and planning changes to for quite a few months now. You will see a number of changes in layout, design and features as the project continues.

Hopefully, these improvements will make a better resource and enable some features that readers will love. Please be patient as these upgrades will be accomplished over time.

Looking forward in 2009 will continue to grow with the same exciting pace as the industry, itself. Creativity and change is coming to the mobile industry at a frenetic pace. Time to get back to reporting on those developments and connecting with loyal past and new readers.

$5 Million Funding Pool – Knight News Challenge

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What would you do to innovate journalism if you had the funding? The Knight News Challenge is in it’s third year of a five year plan to provide $25 million in grants for geo-focused open source projects which drive innovation in journalism.  I’m very excited to be involved in this year’s competition as an application screener along with a team of web and new media thought leaders. Led by News Challenge program manager, Susan Mernit, the screener team met in San Francisco on September 5th for a day of training and discussion.

This is a great opportunity for mobile developers to achieve funding for projects that apply location services and the strengths of mobile devices for capturing and delivering media in real-time.  The core requirements for a winning application include the following.

  1. Must be a digital innovation applied to journalism
  2. Must apply to a specific geography which can be replicated to other geographies
  3. Must be built on open source technologies

For more information on how to apply for the News Challenge visit the web site.If you need assistance in framing your application or refining your idea, the News Challenge is also providing a virtual “Garage” where applicants can interact with mentors.

Time for a Refresh at

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I’ve been toying with ways to restructure the site to accommodate video and other new elements on It’s become clear that the site needs a refresh with a design better suited to curating and wider diversity of media types.

Watch for a new design along with a new approach and focus for mobilejones going live soon. Thanks for sticking around to those who have, and look forward to getting your feedback on the changes. Until then….

Nokia Debuts Conversations with the Blogosphere

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Nokia Conversations goes live April 21st, 2008, led by Nokia’s social media expert, Charlie Schick. As a member of the newly minted Social Media Communications group inside Nokia, Charlie has built what he refers to as a “mud hut,” and which he plans to transform into a blogosphere palace.Mark Squires describes the project briefly in my video interview with him at CTIA.

Many people will recall Charlie from his early work with Nokia’s first blogger outreach project promoting the use of Lifeblog. But for those who don’t remember. Lifeblog was a three-way (mobile, PC, Typepad blog) syncing application built in partnership with Six Apart allowing Typepad users to post images, photos, videos and text directly from their Nokia devices. That was over 3 years ago, and many of us have had the privilege of sharing conversations with Charlie since those early days in 2005.

Nokia Conversations highlights the developments inside the world’s largest device manufacturer, and new entrant into mobile content and services that the 60,000 employee company represents. Some of those 60K employees are also introduced along with their accomplishments and new products. Comments are welcomed, and engagement with the blogosphere has already begun as you’ll see. Welcome Nokia and we look forward to the “conversations.”

Congratulations to Charlie and his team for a job well done. If this is the “mud hut,” I can’t wait to witness the path of construction to the palace.

Nokia Conversations Blog

Crosspost from MM2 – Farwell Mobile Messaging 2.0

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A year ago I received an email from Francois Gossieaux about a new thought leadership blog that would focus on the mobile industry and specifically messaging.  Initially I thought it might be another among the countless offers I’ve received to provide content for free “to raise my profile.”  When I read that this was a Corante production, and that it was sponsored by Airwide Solutions I became intrigued.  Francois was on the phone almost immediately and he quoted a list of other mobile bloggers who I knew and respected.  I was quickly convinced that this new blog called Mobile Messaging 2.0 would be a great opportunity and said yes on the spot.

Mobile Messaging 2.0 has provided me with the chance to work and collaborate with the great team of writers assembled by Corante.  We’ve covered events around the globe including: Global Mobile Messaging – Monte Carlo, Brew Conference – San Diego, TechCrunch 40 – San Francisco, CTIA Fall – San Francisco, MWC – Barcelona, and CTIA Wireless – Las Vegas, just two weeks ago.  I’ve enjoyed the amazing thoughts and writing from my colleagues at MM2, and been privileged to share thoughts, brainstorms and disagreements with them in our weekly editorial conference calls.  Over this year,

  • Four of the top ten most popular posts on MM2 were written by me.
  • I’ve recruited two of the writers at MM2.
  • As Managing Editor, I’ve led our weekly conference calls and our monthly editorial calendar.
  • Brought the Carnival of Mobilists to MM2 along with securing the blog’s feature position at TechDispencer, Computerworld’s Blog Network
  • Covered conferences and other events

With my separate increasing demands from other projects and even the neglect of mobilejones.comto consider, it’s time to move on.  Mobile Messaging 2.0 will continue to be an important addition to anyone’s feed reader who wants to understand the evolving mobile industry, especially as we turned to the new opportunities related to mobile advertising.  I’ve very much enjoyed interaction with readers of MM2 and look forward to, now, becoming one of them.

Blognation: The Blogger’s Prelude and Tale

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Canterbury Tales Woodcut 148
To telle yow al the condicioun,
Of ech of hem, so as it semed me,
And whiche they weren, and of what degree,
And eek in what array that they were inne,
And at a knyght than wol I first bigynne.
Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales – Prelude


It has been said that sunlight is the best disinfectant. For this reason, it’s time to reveal the menacing germ at the center of Blognation, Sam Sethi’s deceptions. Oliver Starr provides the sordid details behind this, The Blogger’s Prelude and Tale, with all the dangers of courtly love, treachery and greed that Chaucer could have imagined. I’d recommend you follow his post for the facts and time lines. Here you will find a short story – my story.

Yes, the story begins with a knight, Sam Sethi, whose noble quest along with fellow bloggers was to create a global perspective on technology news and analysis. This trek was noble though the knight was neither virtuous nor pious as is the recounting of some knight’s tales. Au contraire! This knight is a faker and liar of unbounded proportion. Having been ousted from his realm one year ago, his single-minded desire for vengeful legitimacy and avarice drove him to beguile, tempt and seduce the bloggers to undertake the doomed trek that has been Blognation to date.

A worthy group was assembled and promises of shared success with rewards for hard work and positive attitudes was the motto and standard. There was much excitement and dedication at the trail head. The group’s core produced and shared individual resources in an effort to help build a solid and successful company. One-for-all and all-for-one sort of commitment was the norm.

For my part, I was pleased to be asked to join with a group of professionals providing technology news and analysis with a global perspective. Some of my fellow travelers were already known by me at varying levels. Ewan – I work with at Mobile Messaging 2.0. Oliver – I knew by his success at Mobile Crunch, our meeting in Monte Carlo for Mobile Messaging 2.0 and subsequent communications. Nicole – I had worked with on the early Blogher site and a podcast called Media Slaves. We met in person at the first Los Angeles Bar Camp. Knowing that my colleagues were involved made the trek seem all the more pleasurable in prospect.

The Tale

What none of us were prepared for was the pathological nature of Sam Sethi’s deceit. The transcripts to be revealed by Oliver tell a story that is common to those of us offered contracts by Sam. The many promises to reimburse travel expenses that went unattended. The statements of email-in-progress to address questions or promised phone calls which mostly were simple prevarications by Sam. The two months of declaration that Blognation’s funding was delivered and “in the bank.” It’s difficult to understand such irrational behavior with a rational mind.

As far back as October, we were all told that the money was “in the bank.” No one could imagine that anyone would make such claims were they not true. And then Sam’s delays, stalls and explanations began. Sam continued and continued long past our collective credulity. In the final analysis he is, in fact, not the chivalrous knight, but instead, “the monk,” corrupted by previous good fortune and a smooth flattery.

I’m one of the lucky ones joining the group late on Sam’s reckless trek toward blog stardom. Sam’s debt to me is minor compared to most which is due, in part, to fate. It’s difficult for me to excuse myself from all blame as due diligence is required of us all whether joining a new employer, hiring someone or making decisions about contracts. My hope and redemption is that others will fare better and heed this cautionary tale. I have no expectation that I’ll recover monetary losses at the end of this sordid journey. Could be a moral will present itself through the eventual infamy of Sam Sethi.

Bloggers be aware and as with Chaucer’s The Nun’s Priest Tale:

“truste on flaterye,” ending with an “Amen!” And so it is with Sam Sethi.

Tech Crunch 40

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I’m travelling to SF this weekend in order to attend Tech Crunch 40.  Would love to meet any mobile companies in the area.  If you or your company is interested, I have some time on my calendar Wednesday, September 19th.  My contact info is on the About page or you can leave a comment here.

More over the weekend.

Eric Schmidt confirms Google 700 MHz bid

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While speaking at The Progress and Freedom Foundation Aspen Summit on August 21, 2007, Eric Schmidt states that Google plans to make good on their 700 MHz bid of 4.6 Billion with a caveat. He explains that the FCC’s final language will be “important.” The principles that the FCC embraced need to be reflected in the actual rules when they are published. At about 30 minutes, you’ll hear the confirmation. In addition, Schmidt seems to indicate Google is collaborating with others on their bid.


He also explains the power of the same features highlighted by John Stratton, CMO of Verizon Wireless that the combination of phone, camera, data network and GPS makes the advertising delivered to mobile subscribers enormously valuable.

Return of Oliver Starr

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Oliver Starr, who originated MobileCrunch and The Mobile Weblog before it, has returned to the blogosphere today. Oliver has joined forces with former TechCrunch UK editor and currentBlognation CEO, Sam Sethi both with highly public departures from Mike Arrington’s company.

Blognation’s mission is – wait for it – reporting on startups. Blognation today launched US Tech andMobile blogs led by Oliver. From the site:

Blognation is a network of professional bloggers brought together to report on the latest Web 2.0 technology, mobile and enterprise start-ups from around the world, but only written in English.

The company is VC funded, although the investor isn’t identified. Blognation brings together 20 bloggers and currently features coverage from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, UK and USA.  Many more countries across Europe and Asia are planned for launch by the end of 2007.
It’s great to see Oliver return to the blogosphere contributing his unique voice and analysis of the startup game for mobile companies. I want to welcome Oliver back with this sentiment, as shared by members of a particular tribe along the Amazon. “I’m very glad to learn that you have not been killed, yet.” Subscribed.

MoSoSo Experts Podcast Panel – Twitter, MOKO, JuiceCaster

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I had the chance recently to chat on the phone with Paul Gruber from MOKO, Nick Desai for Juice Wireless, and Biz Stone from Twitter.  The time flew by and I could have talked with these guys for at least another couple of hours on all things mobile and social.  Unfortunately, for me, they all have day jobs and are very busy working out the concepts, features and business models that may define the future of the mobile social context.

The podcast is available for download or streaming at Mobile Messaging 2.0.  I hope you enjoy the listen.