Crosspost from MM2 – Farwell Mobile Messaging 2.0

A year ago I received an email from Francois Gossieaux about a new thought leadership blog that would focus on the mobile industry and specifically messaging.  Initially I thought it might be another among the countless offers I’ve received to provide content for free “to raise my profile.”  When I read that this was a Corante production, and that it was sponsored by Airwide Solutions I became intrigued.  Francois was on the phone almost immediately and he quoted a list of other mobile bloggers who I knew and respected.  I was quickly convinced that this new blog called Mobile Messaging 2.0 would be a great opportunity and said yes on the spot.

Mobile Messaging 2.0 has provided me with the chance to work and collaborate with the great team of writers assembled by Corante.  We’ve covered events around the globe including: Global Mobile Messaging – Monte Carlo, Brew Conference – San Diego, TechCrunch 40 – San Francisco, CTIA Fall – San Francisco, MWC – Barcelona, and CTIA Wireless – Las Vegas, just two weeks ago.  I’ve enjoyed the amazing thoughts and writing from my colleagues at MM2, and been privileged to share thoughts, brainstorms and disagreements with them in our weekly editorial conference calls.  Over this year,

  • Four of the top ten most popular posts on MM2 were written by me.
  • I’ve recruited two of the writers at MM2.
  • As Managing Editor, I’ve led our weekly conference calls and our monthly editorial calendar.
  • Brought the Carnival of Mobilists to MM2 along with securing the blog’s feature position at TechDispencer, Computerworld’s Blog Network
  • Covered conferences and other events

With my separate increasing demands from other projects and even the neglect of mobilejones.comto consider, it’s time to move on.  Mobile Messaging 2.0 will continue to be an important addition to anyone’s feed reader who wants to understand the evolving mobile industry, especially as we turned to the new opportunities related to mobile advertising.  I’ve very much enjoyed interaction with readers of MM2 and look forward to, now, becoming one of them.

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