Towable Types of RVs

5th Wheel Campers

The biggest type of towable RV, fifth wheel campers, is taken by large pick-up trucks with a special fifth wheel hitch located in the bed of the vehicle. As a result of this hitch, they have a raised forward section where you’ll typically find a room or living room. Fifth wheels are some of the most spacious RVs available thanks to their length that is extended and. Some floorplans have actually up to six slideouts! This makes them a great selection for big families or those that want to camp with big groups. Many 5th wheel RVers will park their RV at a campground and detach the towing vehicle for daily travel. As with any towable RV, it’s critical that the towing vehicle is ranked to handle the weight of the RV plus its contents.


Toy Haulers

Next up are the model haulers. Toy haulers (often called sport energy RVs) are created  to accommodate a great deal  of gear and toys that are outdoor. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, golf carts, four wheelers, snowmobiles, kayaks, and much more – you name it, these RVs will haul it. Designed with a cargo that is large, model haulers have special heavy-duty doors that double as ramps for loading gear. Unlike the last forms  of RV that we’ve described, model haulers are a sub-category of RVs. Toy haulers are available in towable and motorized RV kinds, but many toy hauler RVs are 5th tires. The combination of comfortable livable space and a storage make these the right base camp for active RVers who desire  to play hard wherever they travel.

Travel Trailers

You’ve probably seen travel trailers (or conventional trailer) on the trail or at a campground. This popular kind of RV rental is towed by way of  a bumper hitch or even a frame hitch that extends from  the front of the trailer. Travel trailers are perfect for any kind of camper because lots of flooring plans and styles are available. In reality, their weights can vary significantly – from less than 4,000 pounds to over 10,000 pounds. You may also find travel trailers that  have numerous slideouts for increased living areas. Travel trailers are more straightforward  to detach and setup in a campground than fifth wheels. They supply the freedom of having a car to enjoy their destination and a complete home unit wherever they travel. This makes travel trailers a type that is favorite of for a lot of.

Teardrop Campers / Tiny Trailers

It’s easy to acknowledge this type of RV, thanks to its teardrop that is distinct form. Teardrop trailers are ideal for weekend travelers who want basic amenities if they travel. The simplest teardrop RVs are just a bedroom on wheels. Larger floorplans can include a bed, kitchen/dining area, and wet bath. Like Class B motorhomes, teardrop RVs utilize swivel toilets, folding sinks, convertible beds, and  more to make the floorplan that is small functional. Teardrop enthusiasts love the design that is clever vintage aesthetic of these trailers, and  they gather at rallies like Tearstock with other teardrop owners. It’s very common for  these RVers to decorate their tiny trailers with retro fabrics and vintage trimmings. These RVs typically weigh less than 4,000 lbs. This type of RV is gaining popularity  thanks to manufacturers, like Liberty Outdoors, that have promoted the trailer movement that is tiny.


Pop-Up Campers

Finally, we’ll discuss pop-up campers. You probably spent element  of your childhood in certainly one  of these RVs, if  you grew up camping. These family-friendly RVs have a hard base with canvas sides that extend (or “pop-up”) to offer sleeping area. This sort  of RV is perfect for young families who wish  to camp more and avoid sleeping in a tent on the floor. Pop-ups are the constant fixture in family camping throughout the years as a result of their affordability. Also, they are lightweight, which means they can often be towed by the grouped family automobile. These towable RVs make camping more comfortable and so are available having  a number  of options.


To summarize, you can find many types  of RVs today that is available. Knowing the primary distinctions between them helps you choose the right RV for your family.

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