Under the Radar: Mobility

Dealmaker Media has announced the first group of presenting companies at their upcoming Under the Radar: Mobility event.  On November 12th, a one day conference will feature the presentations of 32 vetted mobile startups.  The first group is listed below.

Apisphere, LBS platform for mobile apps with a SaaS business model.
Avot Media, Intelligent search, near real-time streaming and personalization of video delivery to web-enabled mobile devices.
Billing Revolution, All-in-One solution to mobile commerce, from processing to CRM.
BrightKite, Location-based social network.
DialPlus, The ultimate smartphone: Relevant, context-sensitive info on your interface before, during and after a call.
Goojet, Widgetized Browsing: Trick out your mobile interface with your favorite website logos.
Mob4Hire, A Developer’s Dream: Crowd-sourced testing of mobile or cell applications.
Mojiva, The Mobile Ad Toolkit – Makes it easy to create and deliver location-based hyper-targeted mobile ads.
My6Sense, A.I. engine that studies your content consumption and ranks it into your interface.
Palringo, Rich messaging across all IM services, on your phone.
PhoneTopp, Hyper-charged platform for mobilizing business apps.
Purple Talk, Enables iPhone developers to track the usage of their apps through advanced analytics, and facilitates a free ad exchange program.
Skout, Location-based social network.
Soocial, Works behind the scenes to sync your Mac, mobile and 3rd party apps.
Toro, Near field communication applications.
Vuclip, Mobile video search and delivery.

Expert judges will quiz and challenge the startups selecting their favorites from categories such as iPhone apps, location-based services, gaming, social networking, enabling technologies, and marketing/advertising.

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