Sam Sethi and the Smoking Guns

Poor Sam. The amount of documentation that exists on Sam’s deceit is staggering and readers will see and hear some of this evidence published over the coming days.

I’ve learned today that a voice recording exists of Sam telling a prospective Blognation editor on June 6, 2007 that he “has already raised 1 mil GBP” to fund Blognation and pay editors 3K GBP/month. Further, “we are budgeted for 22 editors…”. If you wish to report on this story, leave a comment or contact me directly and those who are agreed by the recording owner can listen to portions or all of this 30 minute recording. Be prepared to pay for the international call before making your request.

Oliver shared in his letter that multiple promises had been made for payment including the manufacture of supposed bank transfers which never materialized. Below is one such document. I’ve blacked out identifying information on the editor involved to protect their privacy. Keep in mind that Sam offered this screenshot to the editor as proof that a transfer was in route. Why was the proof required? Loss of confidence as a result of many failed promises. When no monies arrived after a week of waiting, Sam claimed it was a mistake. Is he that incompetent or a fraud and liar? Tough choice.


Click on the image above to view full size.

Keep in mind that the payment referenced above was not delivered. It’s impossible for reasonable people to comprehend someone going to such lengths as this knowing full well that no payment was made and therefore the lie would be revealed in a matter of days.

I still struggle to understand Sam’s irrational behavior. Stayed tuned.

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