Sam Sethi and the Blognation Funding Smoking Gun

Finally in his own words, from a voice recording made on June 6, 2007 Sam is clearly heard to say, “Now, I’ve already raised 1 mil pounds and I’m already budgeted for 22 full-time editors.” So, if this is true then why is no one paid? If this is not true, then why did he say it to the editors he wished to recruit?


Sam has claimed in his comments following the resignations of Oliver Starr and myself that Blognation editors were aware of Blognation’s funding. We were not when joining as he made declarations similar to the one recorded here to each of us which is a central complaint as expressed in Oliver’s letter. As is documented in the previous post here, I did not join Blognation until October 21, 2007 and was told by Sam on joining that Blognation was funded.

Sam left this statement in comment on Shel Israel’s blog.

A number of facts need to be corrected in your post. Much of what you wrote is blogsphere fiction and gossip. 1.I resigned – Mike never fired me on matter of principal. 2.I never stole any money and Arrington knows that as he claimed it from the sponsors. In fact Mike never paid me and still owes me expenses. 3. All the editors knew coming in that the project was seeking funding and would only be paid once we got the funding.

I can not speak to the facts associated with numbers 1 & 2 in Sam’s comment, but I can state unequivocally that #3 is a lie. Sam stated Blognation had funding to cover operations for one year when I agreed to join.

From the current investor’s point of view, if Sam did raise 1 mil GBP, they would likely want to know how that money was used. If Sam didn’t raise the money, then why did he say that he did? Many people would like to know. What say you now Sam?

Update: You can download the mp3 ScamtoneTM for your mobile – click here. More ScamtonesTMwill be released here and via twittergram. Perhaps I’ll do a weekly ScamtoneTM release until the Orchant family is paid.

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