Return of Oliver Starr

Oliver Starr, who originated MobileCrunch and The Mobile Weblog before it, has returned to the blogosphere today. Oliver has joined forces with former TechCrunch UK editor and currentBlognation CEO, Sam Sethi both with highly public departures from Mike Arrington’s company.

Blognation’s mission is – wait for it – reporting on startups. Blognation today launched US Tech andMobile blogs led by Oliver. From the site:

Blognation is a network of professional bloggers brought together to report on the latest Web 2.0 technology, mobile and enterprise start-ups from around the world, but only written in English.

The company is VC funded, although the investor isn’t identified. Blognation brings together 20 bloggers and currently features coverage from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, UK and USA.  Many more countries across Europe and Asia are planned for launch by the end of 2007.
It’s great to see Oliver return to the blogosphere contributing his unique voice and analysis of the startup game for mobile companies. I want to welcome Oliver back with this sentiment, as shared by members of a particular tribe along the Amazon. “I’m very glad to learn that you have not been killed, yet.” Subscribed.

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