GOP Convention Attendance and Coverage

Word came about 2 weeks ago that I’ve been approved as media for the GOP Convention.  Cool. I’m very much looking forward to meeting John Culberson, and talking about his experiences in becoming a real-time representative.  Video and live streaming will certianly be part of what I plan to produce along with some mixes and remixes.

There are more than a couple of techniques that I’ve learned since CTIA on improving sound of the video which is critical.  A couple of other improvements will be featured either before the convention or at the convention as they are used.  You can probably imagine the areas of improvement if you’ve A) attempted to create videos with your mobile device using one of the streaming services or B) had painful experiences watching the live videos.  The indie media tool kit for mobile reporting is something I plan to share once the final products are selected and tested.

I’m also looking for more sponsors for the GOP convention productions, so if your company would interested in this opportunity please contact me for more information at  More about this as things progress and the new design for takes shape.

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