The Best Means to Light a Cuban Cigar

While this really isn’t considered an art form when compared with choosing  the tasting notes in your cigar, it ‘s still vital to get this bit right even aficionados get it  wrong sometimes! The tool that is wrong a slight unflavored gust of wind, or just being too keen in terms of illuminating your favorite stogie can ruin the knowledge.

A few standard rules consist of:

  • ensuring to light the cigar in the flame rather than with it.
  • Rotating the lighting end, 3mm above a soft flame and about 12-25mm above a jet flame lighter.

a tip that is good getting  a jet flame or torch is always  to support  the cigar nonetheless and move the flame inside  a circular motion so that the burning end was created  to radiate from outside to inside.

Lighting Juan Lopez cigars shouldn’t be difficult, simply don’t forget to attempt to achieve whenever an also glow possible and secondly, never ever char the surface for the cigar wrapper.

So what’s the instrument that is best to utilize when lighting up a fine Fonseca cigar? Once again this comes down to a person’s certain inclination, below there are a few of the how to illuminate:


When matches that are using one of the most significant disadvantages would be the sulphur within the match head; when this burns sulphur dioxide is released that may taint your cigar. Try  to make use of pure lumber matches and wait 1-3 seconds from when the match is lit before drawing on your smoke.


We’ve seen individual’s candles that are using, and we would recommend you perhaps not to! The majority of candles are manufactured from paraffin and when release that is burning hosts of substances such as for example carbon, benzene and toluene which could make your cigar taste absolutely disgusting. You need to avoid candles that are using all costs!


Cedar shavings

a nice novelty method to illuminate, but can be complicated; we suggest using  these in your man cave, or perhaps in your home… if you’re allowed!



Obviously, a lighter may be the go-to choice for cigar aficionados that are most, but low priced lighters are probably better to be averted while the fuel odor can ruin your cigar’s taste.

a myth that continues among cigar  smokers is  that better the gas  quality, the higher, the lighter works. In fact, the purity of the gas doesn’t have bearing regarding the quality of this lighter, you in truth; nonetheless, the true number of refining procedures alone is not any testimony towards the quality. It depends about what substances that are foreign impurities there are when you look at the fuel.

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